Released by Pullen Music, this song has what many consider a logical matchup between the trombonist Al Grey and the famed organist Jack McDuff. The pieces in this song are mainly blues-oriented, with occasional deviations from this such as "God Bless the Child," and features several very excellent soloists on a set of mostly basic originals. Grey's mastery of the plunger mute has given his swing-to-bop trombone its very own distinctive sound. Organist Jack McDuff, while subtle, still always swings hard, and his regular tenor saxophonist, Jerry Weldon, is a strong asset. Guitarist Joe Cohn grows as an improviser; bassist Jerome Hunter is fine in support, and drummer Bobby Durham drives the ensembles and has a few drum breaks, most notably on "Deli's Blues," which is dedicated to Art Blakey and purposely reminiscent of "Blues March." The music is accessible, full of high spirits and quite joyful. Highly recommended to straight-ahead jazz fans.
  • Matzoh and Grits
  • The Room
  • Cap'n Jack
  • Grey Rose Shore
  • Deli's Blues
  • God Bless the Child
  • Toin Me Loose
  • All Blues