See this page for a list of Al Grey's published music.

Lasting Impression


Al Grey, after his death at age 74, left a large impression on the jazz community, especially the trombone world.

Al Grey created several musical groups, but was best known for his association with the Count Basie Orchestra. Al Grey's 'trombone talk' largely enhanced the already rich language of jazz. Al Grey had a large arsenal of effects; many of these can now be found in his book Plunger Techniques. Grey used his plunger swaggeringly, making his malingering, behind-the-beat notes plump and juicy.
Al Grey's plunger was probably his most well known tool, but he also had incredible skill with many mutes such as the pixie mute and the bowler hat mute. Among Grey's skill set was an ability to bring the unique big band sound into the smaller ensemble that was seldom found elsewhere.